Iowa Donor Network: Organ donation from 30-year-old Iraq veteran benefited 60 people

Kate Howard of Davenport holds a photo of her late husband, Justin Lockett, who died after falling down steps in 2014. Donation of his organs saved five lives, and Howard organizes annual fundraisers to support the Iowa Donor Network in its effort to get more people registered as potential organ donors.
Justin Lockett was just 30 years old and in the prime of his life when he fell down some steps and hit his head. He never regained consciousness.

Two days after the fall, as his wife and soul mate, Kate, stood by his side in an Iowa City hospital room, the machines to which he was attached sounded an alarm.

Lockett's vital functions had been declining hourly since he was flown to Iowa City from a Davenport hospital emergency room, and the alarm indicated brain activity had ceased.

On May 5, 2014, Lockett — an Army National Guard veteran of Iraq, a summa cum laude graduate of Western Illinois University-McComb and a fan of fishing, golf and poker — lost his life. Continue reading