Marion man to receive kidney from real estate agent who sold him his home

WLOS | John Le
In two weeks, Revis sill receive a kidney from Carla Tompkins. The transplant will be completed at a VA facility in Iowa. Photo: WLOS staff
MARION, N.C. (WLOS) —Chris Revis of Marion has a keen understanding of the impact every gift of life makes.

"If it weren't for people stepping up and making donations of blood, we couldn't do this,” says Revis, who will receive a kidney transplant in two weeks from his longtime friend, Carla Tompkins.

News 13 salutes the hundreds who donated to Operation Blood Drive Thursday. Chris’s story highlights the importance of every unit collected.

Chris has been on dialysis since last August. He has uromodulin-associated kidney disease, which his mother had.

She died at age 41, when Chris was just a teenager. So you can understand why he needs an answer to a crucial question:

"Who's giving you a kidney, and how do you know her?" people ask Chris.

“When I tell how the conversation started at a dinner party a dinner party at our house, you could see it in Carla's eyes, the moment she said, 'I'm gonna give you a kidney.' She had already decided it was gonna happen." Continue reading