Teen who died from meningitis saves 6 others through organ donation

FOX NEWS | Daniel Sheridan
Lewis Hilton thought he was battling the flu, but by the time he got to the hospital he had lost the ability to communicate and could not walk on his own. (SWNS)
The memory of a rugby-loving teen who died after contracting meningitis will live on after his organs saved six people.

Lewis Hilton, 19, was fit and healthy before being struck down by the deadly strain of the disease.

His condition rapidly deteriorated and tragically, by the time he arrived at the hospital near his West Yorkshire home on January 26, he was unable to walk by himself or communicate.

Despite the best efforts of medics who "did everything they could," the infection overwhelmed Hilton's body and he died two days later.

Now, his tragic death has helped to save six other people after his grieving parents donated his organs.

Hilton received vaccinations against the A, C, W and Y strains of meningitis in September 2017, but he was not vaccinated against the strain that cut his young life short - meningitis B.

There have already been calls in the U.K. for the meningitis B vaccine to be rolled out to Hilton's age group, where death rates are much higher than in babies. Continue reading