Walk an easier path to living organ donation

“On the inside, I just feel like I’m glowing,” said living donor Bonnie Serrao while sharing her story at a dialysis conference earlier this year at Loma Linda University Health.
Living kidney donors tell a common story: life after donation becomes more meaningful, and donors experience an improved sense of well-being. Yet barriers, or believed barriers, prevent more people from making the choice to donate.

Working to change that, the Transplant Institute at Loma Linda University Health continues to grow and evolve with a new living donor clinic that streamlines the process of determining if a person can serve as a living organ donor. The answer can be reached in as little as one month.

The new living donor clinic focuses on optimizing the patient experience.

The clinic offers a dedicated time every other Tuesday for potential living donors to make a one-time initial visit in which they speak to all members of the transplant team.

After that, individuals who continue with the candidate process will typically return only for health screenings. That may mean just lab tests for those individuals who are already up-to-date on routine checkups for age and risk group, such as mammograms for women and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screenings for men. Continue reading