Kidney Disease & Organ Donation Event Features Perspectives From All Sides


An event at Parker Middle School raised awareness about kidney disease and organ donation, as one of the school’s own teachers battles the disease while seeking a donor.

Kidney Disease and Organ Donation Information Night, which was held at the school in Howell Thursday, was led by Parker Middle School Band Teacher Jeff Stimson. Stimson, who has polycystic kidney disease, is on the University of Michigan’s kidney transplant waiting list. Stimson may have to go on dialysis soon as he does not think his kidneys will last long enough, based on the list’s five to seven year wait. Stimson wanted to hold the public information session to educate attendees about kidney disease and a donor’s ability to save a life.

Stimson has been married to his wife Bernadette for about 25 years with two children ages 10 and seven. He shared his story of his battle with the disease and seeking a donor, as well as the need to spread awareness about both issues. Stimson says, "It will just increase the quality of life that people can have that need those, not just for kidneys but for everything and I think people need to look into that and know more about it...Getting a transplant would mean that I would have more energy for my two children and my wife and my students and my band family and all the people I work with every day. Just to have the energy to get up and do what I want to do." Continue reading