Houston girl waits 7 years for organ transplant

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Joey Knott was born with Berdon syndrome

HOUSTON - A Houston girl has a bright future ahead of her after waiting seven years for an organ transplant.

Joey Knott was born with Berdon syndrome, also known as MMIHS.

"It's a fancy word for saying she has a giant bladder and very little intestine and she's unable to digest or move her food," said Cat Kennedy, Joey's mother.

She said when Joey was born, doctors said she didn't stand a chance.

"One morning I came in and she had been unplugged from all of her machines and there was a hospice worker waiting for me," Kennedy said.

But Kennedy refused to give up. For the first seven years of her life Joey couldn't eat solid food and she spent most of her days in and out of hospitals, waiting for the organs she needs to survive. Continue reading, VIDEO