A family's tribute to a loved one lost too young

The Call

BELLINGHAM — A local varsity baseball player at Bellingham High School, Nicholas Daniel Penza was taken from his family and friends at the young age of 18, leaving behind a legacy of compassion and unforgettable memories.

“Losing someone you love is never easy, but when their life is taken away at such a young age, it is unbearable,” said his older brother James Penza.

Nicholas had a very prominent and athletic build, tall and lanky, he gave off the vibe of a pitcher, not the skilled infielder he was. However, he was “a team leader and shortstop all the way,” his father Timothy Penza said. He also noted that regardless of which position Nick played “baseball was his soul.”

He was a natural athlete, with exceptional hand-eye coordination, much like his baseball hero, Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia. Playing a major role on the field and in the dugout, in 2014 Nick led his team to victory and the state title. He was also a member of Bellingham Youth Baseball since he was 5, when he was known for being the loudest player in the dugout. Continue reading