Celebrating a second chance at life

CTV Kitchener

A group of people were celebrating a second chance at life Saturday night.

Five people were honoured at Cambridge City Hall after receiving the gift of life through organ donation.

The special guests were all celebrating the anniversary that they received a lifesaving organ.

Andrea Clegg was the recipient of a heart. “My heart transplant came in December 2010 and that's when my new life began,” she said.

Like her, liver recipient Kelly Kleinschmidt, rejoiced in her second chance. She got her new liver five years ago. “(Today is) even more special than our actual birthdays so we celebrate every little thing,” she said.

The group praised those who signed their organ donor card, thanking them for the act that saved their lives. They say that without people signing up, they wouldn’t be here today.

“It's through your health card go to beadonor.ca. It takes two minutes of your time,” said Clegg. Continue reading