Ottawa mom turns to social media to find kidney donor for son

CBC NEWS | Ottawa | Amanda Pfeffer

Dawson Corbett who has been waiting four years for a kidney donor -- He and his mom Bettina Iraci told their story for CBC "Ontario Today." (CBC)

After watching her son wait four years for a kidney donation, Bettina Iraci has launched a Facebook page called "Kidney for Dawson" in the hopes of increasing his chances for a donor.

"I just got tired of waiting," Iraci said.

So far, she said the family has received some interest as a result of the Facebook page, including a couple of potential donors now being tested to see whether they would make a good match for Dawson Corbett's blood type.

The Canadian Institute for Health Information released a new report suggesting while organ donations have been increasing, it has not caught up with the need. Using 2014 statistics, CIHI found there were 3,377 people waiting for a kidney transplant in Canada that year and that 67 people died before receiving a donation.

Dawson was born with kidney disease and received a transplant from his mother at age four. But by the time he turned 12, the kidney began to fail. Continue reading