Cell and tissue replacement experts tour St. Luke’s campus

TISSUE DONOR UPDATE — St. Luke’s campus of the Mohawk Valley Health System hosted members of the the German Institute for Cell and Tissue Replacement. From left are: Jacob Squillace, hospital and community services specialist, Center for Donation & Transplant for New York and Vermont; Nancy Simmons, recovery manager for New York, Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation; Louis Jares, the foundation’s education director; Dr. Matthias Lowel, the institute’s head of regulatory affairs and quality assurance; Dr. Zhivko Zhivkov, the institute’s group manager for tissue donation; Donna A. Sickler, quality professional and organ procurement liaison, MVHS; Susan McKinstry, MVHS nurse clinician; and Paul Holmes, the foundation’s compliance control coordinator. (Photo submitted)

German Institute for Cell and Tissue Replacement representatives recently visited the the St. Luke’s campus of the Mohawk Valley Health System.

The group provides transplantable musculoskeletal tissue and skin grafts. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, it is a sister company to the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, a leading U.S. tissue bank that connects donors with surgeons and transplant recipients.

Dr. Matthias Lowel, the head of quality assurance, and Dr. Zhivko Zhivkov, group manager of tissue donation, visited the St. Luke’s as a part of a multicenter tour to ensure that tissue donation procedures at affiliate hospitals follow the sterile, surgical conditions required to comply with accepted transplantation standards. The focus of the visit as to prepare for a full audit later this year when the institute returns to New York.

“Generally we are looking to make sure there is proper hygiene, that there are procedures in place for entering and exiting the operating room and temperature control in the morgue,” said Lowel.

Zhivkov added, “We also review documentation and how recovered tissue is packaged.” Continue reading
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