Stephen Craig marching to a new beat

Stephen Craig and his wife, Corrine, have journeyed together through his heart transplant process.

Wow” was the first word out of Stephen Craig’s mouth. He had just taken a stethoscope from the doctor and placed it to his chest. Craig was hearing his new heart beating for the first time.

Craig, a Rio Verde resident, has been battling heart disease and congestive heart failure since 2002. That battle came to a climax in recent months as Craig was prepared and received a new transplant heart.

A registered nurse by profession and familiar with medical process, the new heart is a miracle in Craig’s mind. His gratitude for doctor’s medical staff, his caregiver wife, Corrine, is overwhelming. To him, the debt he owes to the donor and their family is unimaginable.

“With a heart transplant a phenomenal change occurs in people’s lives,” Craig said. “They tend to give back more.

“There is a deep sense of responsibility to honor the donor and the family. Do more meaningful things with your life.”

It would be meaningful for Stephen to get the word out that people can save lives by becoming organ donors. Continue reading
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