These six people donated their kidneys to complete strangers and saved 140 lives in the process — here’s why

BUSINESS INSIDER | Caroline Praderio

Clockwise from top left: Tyler Weig, Paula King, Kathy Hart, Zully Broussard, Rick Ruzzamenti, and Jennifer Barrett.Courtesy Tyler Weig, Paula King, Kathy Hart, Jennifer Barrett; Facebook/Rick Ruzzamenti, ZUlly Broussard
Zully Broussard was about to donate a kidney to a total stranger — and she could hardly contain her excitement.

"I couldn't wait. It was kind of like you're a kid and you're waiting to go to Disneyland — that type of excitement," Broussard, 57, of California, told INSIDER. "You know that this could possibly change someone's life."

But Broussard didn't change just one life that day: She changed six. Thanks to an innovative swapping system that's revolutionizing kidney transplants in the US, Broussard's single act of kindness set off a chain reaction that resulted in six successful transplants.

She might be the only donor to compare her pre-surgery excitement to waiting for Disneyland, but she's certainly not alone in her actions: Broussard is one of about 1,700 Americans who, since 2002, have voluntarily given up a kidney to anyone in the country who might need it. They're a group of people known as non-directed — or altruistic — donors. Continue reading
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