Dad writes moving essay about his terminally ill baby carried to term

We said hello and goodbye to our sweet Eva yesterday. She was so perfect in her own little way.
I'll be sharing more about her incredible story later.
And of course, this is NOT a sad post. Don't hit that button. ❤️
 — with Royce Young. Facebook 
In a moving essay on the blogging platform Medium, the father of a baby born without a brain whose story went viral explained the devastating moment he and his wife discovered she would be stillborn.

“We felt cheated,” Royce Young wrote. “What a total rip-off. The word I still have circling in my head is disappointment. That doesn’t really do it justice, because it’s profound disappointment. Like the kind that is going to haunt me forever.”

Young and his wife, Keri, had shared their story about their unborn daughter Eva, who at 19 weeks was diagnosed with anencephaly. Eva’s brain was missing the frontal lobe and the top part of her skull. Within minutes, Keri asked her doctor whether carrying Eva to term would mean that her organs could be donated.

“We decided to continue, and chose the name Eva for our girl, which means ‘giver of life,’” Young wrote in his latest post. “The mission was simple: Get Eva to full-term, welcome her into this world to die, and let her give the gift of life to some other hurting family. It was a practical approach, with an objective for an already settled ending point.”

The Youngs consulted with LifeShare, and Oklahoma-based organ procurement organization, and arranged for Eva’s organs to be donated, but she would have to be born with a heartbeat for them to be viable. Keri was scheduled to hit full term on April 16, so doctors scheduled a May 2 caesarian-section birth. Continue reading
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