Local mother of quintuplets is in need of second liver transplant

WTLV | Meilin Tompkins and Heather Crawford

It's a tough job being a mom, but imagine being a mom to 5 four-year-olds!

The Bradford County mother who gave birth to these 5 miracles is in need of a miracle of her own; see Stacy Dyal is in need of her second liver transplant. She had her first transplant back in 2007.

The quints' father said he knew there would be more complications down the road as a result of the pregnancy.

"Since I guess the kids were born in November 2012 we knew then that her liver main artery being fed by the liver or the liver being fed by the main artery had stretched and lost elasticity so we knew that the amount of fluid or adequacy of the blood flow to the liver is compromised," Kelley Dyal said.

Stacy Dyal gave birth to Tyndall Kamryn, Kayleigh, Kyleigh, and Kaleb four years ago. The quints were all born at just 29 weeks and 4 days old, as a result of their early birth the five children were all born with minor issues and needed help breathing. One of the quints, Kamryn had Amniotic Band Syndrome, which is where amniotic band wraps around a part of the baby's body and restricts blood flow. As a result, Kamryn has already had undergone several surgeries on her hand and foot. 

Stacy is now on a waiting list to receive a second liver transplant. While the mother of five has tried her best to stay home with her little ones, she was recently admitted to the hospital with severe jaundice and swelling. Continue reading
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