A double-lung-transplant recipient is taking part in Ottawa Race Weekend: 'The biggest hero of my life is someone I never met'

OTTAWA CITIZEN | Joanne Laucius
Ken Douglas had a double lung transplant two years ago. Once an avid runner, he had to give it up about 20 years ago after his lungs started to fail due to pulmonary fibrosis. He's running to 10 k on Race Weekend.JEAN LEVAC / POSTMEDIA NEWS
Kenny Douglas will be running his first race in 20 years next weekend — two years after a double lung transplant.

Douglas, 50, is running because he loves running. He’s run since he was a child in rural Scotland.

“I think people are meant to run. There’s a psychology to it. There’s a contentment, a massive satisfaction,” he says.

But Douglas is also running in Ottawa Race Weekend because he wants to draw attention to the disconnect between the need for organ donations and the number of people who actually take the step to register as a donor.

“The biggest hero in my life is someone I never met. None of this is possible without the donors,” he says. “It’s an opportunity to save someone’s life.”

In Ontario, surveys show that 85 per cent of people are in favour of donating, but that the registration rate is only 31 per cent, or 3.7 million out of an eligible donor population of 12.1 million, according the Ontario Gift of Life Network, the agency that supports and promotes organ donation in the province. Continue reading

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