A widow meets 2 transplant recipients after husband's death

WUSA | Sarah Konsmo

FALLS CHURCH, VA (WUSA9) - It was a shock when the love of Barbara Wolfrum’s life, David Bever, died suddenly in a car crash in November 2014.

“I had just talked to him around noon, and this happened before five,” she said.

It came as another shock to learn he was a registered organ donor. Wolfrum said she wasn’t comfortable with it at first.

“To be honest with you, no,” she said. “I felt like I was piecing him apart.”

In all, Bever saved six lives.

Sunday, in Falls Church, she met two of Bever’s organ transplant beneficiaries.

William Turman received Bever’s right lung. In the nearly three years since the transplant, he said he has gone from struggling to move to being able to breathe without effort again. Continue reading


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