An Oregon Mom Gives Son One of Her Kidneys: Mother’s Day Will Be Extra Special This Year

Bloomington, Indiana – May 2, 2017 —May is the month set aside to celebrate mothers. Mother’s Day is one of the most universally acknowledged holidays shared across cultures and traditions, and it holds even greater significance for the Hume family of Beaverton, Oregon. Harrison Hume is alive and rambunctious today because his mother, Rory, donated a kidney to Harrison. With this gift, Rory gave her son a second chance at life.

For many reasons, Harrison is a very special four-year-old. Born a month early in August 2012, Harrison spent the first 11 days of life in the NICU. Harrison’s parents, Rory and Travis, were not taken completely by surprise by his days in the NICU because Harrison had been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in utero at Rory’s 20-week pregnancy check-up. While in the NICU, his medical team discovered the tiny baby had a heart murmur and branchiootorenal syndrome, which is a condition that disrupts development of the tissue in the neck and causes malformation of the ears and kidneys. As a result, Harrison’s left ear folds over and he was born with pits, which are open holes where his sinuses drain in his neck instead of through his nose. At nine months, Harrison was also diagnosed with hydrocephalus, or fluid on the brain. At 11 months, he underwent a brain surgery procedure called endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) to relieve pressure. At 18 months, Harrison underwent surgery to close the pits in his neck and to reroute sinuses through his nose. Continue reading

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