Asking for a Chance at Life


(KVOA in TUCSON, AZ) - A 34-year-old Tucson woman who has been on the organ donor list for six years is taking her future in to her own hands. She is making efforts to find a stranger who will donate a kidney so she can live.

Jenny Cervantes has painted her rear and side view windows of her SUV with words explaining her need for a kidney, along with her phone number.

“Every time my phone rings, it freaks me out a little bit,” said Cervantes, who is healthy and hopeful despite her circumstances.

Jenny works full-time and is able to do dialysis at home. She has to hook up at seven each evening and UN-hooks at five in the morning. With her full-time work schedule, it leaves her only an hour of personal time each day.

Jenny discovered her kidney was not functioning as a teenager at a routine visit to the doctor. She was not experiencing symptoms that would have warned her that something was not right. In due time, she found a kidney donor.

“I actually got a transplant in 2008,” said Cervantes. “But that unfortunately failed in 2011 because I got sick with the flu and started throwing up. I awns’t realizing I was throwing up my medication -- my anti-rejection medication.” Continue reading 

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