Column The Crowd: I, like a growing number of Americans, need a kidney transplant


Information on the subject of organ transplant remains, for the most part, a mystery for the average person.

A mystery that can be disturbing, even scary — something out of the realm of science fiction. But the reality is quite the opposite.

Transplant science and medicine have been saving lives for decades.

Procedures worldwide are common today and in many nations outside of the United States, practices and procedures are significantly more advanced.

Some experts express frustration that our standards remain behind the level of scientific advancement.

In spite of this, doctors in the U.S. are performing life-saving transplants on hearts, lungs, livers, kidneys and more.

The kidney transplant is perhaps the most common, and with numbers of patients rising dramatically nationwide, it remains, perhaps, the most in demand.

It is also a procedure that can be accomplished safely with the participation of a living donor. Other transplants must come from deceased donors who have generously opted to extend the lives of others beyond their own. Continue reading

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