Donation sets off chain reaction

PRESTON CITIZEN | Kyle Henderson
Mallory Wheatley Campbell’s decision to give the gift of life via a kidney transplant grew in to a blessing for several people. This selfless act set off a “donation chain” of sorts resulting in other people receiving kidneys. Among those kidneys, one went to the man she originally intended to donate to, her old cross country coach King Smith, who had been on dialysis. But the match wasn’t right. Undaunted she made it known that she was still willing to help someone out through a paired donation program.

Campbell donated her kidney on March 24, to a 12-year-old girl in Boise named Sophia Fratto, who was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of two. The chemotherapy needed to destroy the disease also destroyed the only kidney she had been born with. The person who had intended to give her kidney to Fratto was matched with someone else. Campbell’s kidney was younger and was from the side of the body that matched the kidney Fratto needed - a better fit than the original donor’s.

Campbell said donating her kidney was a way to help her grieve for her daughter, Macklyn, who died of cancer last May at the age of three. The act of donating an organ, she said, took away someone else’s pain and suffering and she feels very good about that. Continue reading

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