Girl, 1, becomes Japan’s youngest lung transplant recipient

Doctors perform lung transplant surgery on a 1-year-old girl at Okayama University Hospital on Thursday. | OKAYAMA UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL / VIA KYODO
A 1-year-old girl became the youngest lung transplant recipient in Japan on Thursday after being given the organs from a brain-dead boy, according to a hospital in Okayama Prefecture that performed the surgery.

The girl suffers from pulmonary hypertension, or high blood pressure in the lungs, that particularly affects the blood vessels that supply them. If the lung arteries and capillaries are too narrow or become blocked, it could eventually cause the heart muscle to weaken and fail.

Okayama University Hospital said the girl had been on a respirator in an intensive care unit since developing breathing difficulties shortly after birth. Because her condition did not improve despite treatment, she was registered with a transplant coordination group in February to receive organs. Continue reading

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