More effort needed to promote organ donation

THE STAR | Amanda Yeap
A “Saya Sudah Berikrar” card contains details on who to call for those who wish to sign up and make their organ donation pledge.
MANY Malaysians recognise the importance of saving lives, but when it comes to sharing a part of their body by way of organ donation, they hesitate.

It is a touchy question to many non-donors, but those interviewed by MetroPerak feel that it is a very personal decision shrouded in myths as there is a lack of awareness campaigns that would help dispel common misconceptions and educate the public about what they need to know.

Some also admitted that they have not pledged to be a donor simply because they have never given it much thought, or they do not know how to go about it.

Retired office administrator Cecilia Voon, 60, said she has yet to pledge to donate her organs because she does not know where to register.

“I’m unsure about a lot things, because at my age. I’m considered a senior and my organs might not be so strong anymore. Continue reading

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