Mother's Day Wish: A Kidney For Amelia

A Rochester Hills mother doesn't want traditional things for Mother's Day. Jessica Hale wants a kidney for her daughter.
ROCHESTER HILLS, MI — Jessica Hale doesn’t want a big fuss made over her on Mother’s Day. She doesn’t need a fresh bouquet of flowers, a fancy brunch or even a single gift. The only thing the Rochester Hills mother of two really wants is a kidney for her daughter, Amelia.

The 3-year-old was born with one kidney, and it’s currently functioning at just 15 percent. For Amelia, it means endless needle pokes for blood work, not being able to play with other children and getting nourished via a feeding tube three times a day. And for Jessica, it means countless doctor’s office visits and 24-hours-per-day care, seven days a week.

“I just want Amelia to have a normal life,” she said. “I just want that kidney to come so she can catch up.”

The disease has taken so much from the little girl, but you would never know it by looking at her. She loves playing with little brother Jake. And all those pokes and time spent with doctors? She takes it in stride. Not even a failed transplant could bring Amelia down for long.

“She bounced right back,” Jessica Hale said. “She’s a little fighter. She knows no different.” Continue reading

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