Organ donor saved woman's life and now they're happily married: ‘He gave me his liver and I offered him my heart’

MIRROR | Rebecca Wright

Heather Dempsey, 28, fell in love with the selfless stranger...

Christopher and Heather bonded while they were in hospital (Photo: CBS)
Perched together on the side of the bed wearing pyjamas and hospital ID wristbands, Chris and Heather Dempsey didn’t look much like your typical romantic couple. But after Chris – a total stranger – had risked his health to save Heather’s life by becoming her liver donor, the pair were bonded forever and fell in love before getting married just a few months ago.

"Chris and I met in a very unusual way, but I knew he was special from the beginning. I’m grateful to him for what he did, but I love him for the wonderful person he is and I’m so proud to call him my husband," gushes Heather.

Their journey began in 2013 when Heather, from Frankfort, Illinois, started to feel unwell.
Devastating diagnosis

She says, "I was exhausted and had aches all over my body. Doctors couldn’t work out what was wrong and I just felt worse and worse until I had to give up my job as a nurse because I felt so weak." Continue reading

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