Perfect strangers, perfect match

Benita Clark of Calvary donated a kidney to Lori Caldwell, also of Calvary, on March 14. Neither women knew each other, but Clark had read in The Lebanon Enterprise that Caldwell needed a kidney and thought it was “just the right thing to do.” She’s wearing a special shirt that Caldwell’s daughter, Cameron, made for her. It says, “I’m a living kidney donor. What’s your superpower?”
Anyone that knows Lori Caldwell would likely agree that she’s been through hell and back.
Nearly 20 years ago, she had a heart transplant.

She had been diagnosed with post-partum cardiomyopathy after having her daughter, Cameron, on July 2, 1996. The left side of her heart no longer functioned, and doctors didn’t know what caused it. But, thanks to the selfless gift of organ donation, Caldwell, 45, was given a second chance at life.

Caldwell would face another challenge last year when her kidneys started to fail. The anti-rejection medications she’s taken since the heart transplant, coupled with having diabetes, were really hard on her kidneys. She was searching for a possible living donor when she was featured in The Lebanon Enterprise in April of last year, prior to going on kidney dialysis.

Benita Clark, who lives just a few miles from Caldwell in Calvary, read that story, but the two women had never met.

That would soon change in a big way. Continue reading

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