Teen explains how heart transplant saved her life


MAYFIELD - If you think you know what a heart transplant recipient looks like, Anna King of Mayfield will change that.

"My organ donor was a 20-year-old girl from west Texas. She was killed in a car accident and her name was Klarissa Russell," explained Anna.

That was three years ago, when Anna King was 14 and living with her family in Texas. An active teen who played a host of sports, she had begun feeling, as she says, sick and tired and was diagnosed with pneumonia. A chest x-ray noted an enlarged heart, which led to a trip to the cardiologist. The diagnosis had them reeling -- dilated cardiomyopathy.

"A virus had attacked my heart and it just didn't recover from it, so the only option for me was transplant," noted Anna.

The silver lining to that dark cloud -- had she not been diagnosed, she could have lost her life on the playing field.

"When you hear of kids that drop on the soccer field, that is likely something is wrong with their heart, likely a disease like cardiomyopathy," pointed out Anna. Continue reading


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