Woman drops 40 pounds so she can donate her kidney to ailing friend

TODAY | Chloe Aiello
Rebekah Ceidro"I just thought I had to do something," Rebekah Ceidro said of getting healthy enough to donate her kidney.
The moment 33-year-old Rebekah Ceidro crossed the finish line at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Pittsburgh Half Marathon was the first time in her life she truly felt like a runner.

Less than a year earlier, Ceidro weighed more than 200 pounds and would routinely "drop something in the fryer" when she got hungry in between managing an Eat’n Park restaurant outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and taking care of her 3-year-old son, Noak.

That all changed when she came across a Facebook post by friend and former co-worker Chris Moore. A lifelong sufferer of chronic kidney disease, Moore, 30, had received some startling news. In six months to a year, his doctors said, he would require a kidney transplant, or worse, dialysis.

“I just kept seeing the post and it would tug at my heart. You don’t think about things like that when you are 30 years old. You think about when you are going to get married, not ‘How am I going to save my own life?’” Ceidro told TODAY.

“I didn’t see any call for action. I didn’t see any people saying, ‘What can I do to help?’ And I just thought I had to do something.”

It was then that Ceidro decided to donate her kidney to save Moore’s life, and in the process, change her own life. Continue reading

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