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Dialysis is a procedure Dezzi knows all too well.
Kidney disease and dialysis – there is so much behind them.

Dialysis is a procedure that kidney disease patients know all too well. Most of these patients are on dialysis machines every second day. The number of people that are not on medical aid is alarming and the ones who are only on a hospital plan do not get covered for this procedure as it is very expensive. Dezzi Blom, a local resident loved by all who encounter her, has a unique tale about dialysis she needs to share.

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Dezzi is fierce and full of life, but desperately needs a kidney transplant. She always smiles and always shares inspirational things. Dezzi’s dear friend, Bonita Bothma, shares her struggles with her need for dialysis and a kidney transplant and wants everyone to know what she goes through.

“She recently contacted me in tears, stating that she was at a local hospital at about 6am. That day, they refused her treatment, as she was unable to be there earlier because she had no transport or money for petrol,” said Bonita.

Dezzi was turned away without receiving dialysis. This is not uncommon for patients relying on the public health care system. Continue reading

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