2017 National Day of Organ and Tissue Donors in Spain


Every year, more than 100,000 people undergo an organ transplant. Spain is the world leader in donations, and the amount of surgeries is also way above the European average. According to the Spanish National Transplant Organisation (ONT), the total number of transplants and donations has reached 2,018 donors and 4,818 transplanted organs in 2016, making Spain the world leader in donations and transplants during 25 years in a row.

In Spain, people who have received a transplant have two days to show their appreciation: the National Donor Day, a date to thank donors and foster organ donation, and the National Transplant Day, a day to thank all professionals who make organ donation possible. This is also a day to encourage professionals to continue doing such an important task, which is well-known for being top in terms of production and quality.

The National Day of Organ and Tissue Donors is held in Spain the first Wednesday of June. In 2017, this will be the 7th June. Not only this is a day to show appreciation for the voluntary and altruistic gesture made by donors, but also to raise awareness about the present need of organ donation. However, the success behind organ donation also lies in the professionals of the health system and all those institutions that help to raise awareness through their campaigns. Continue reading

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