An Illinois Dad Gives Son One of His Kidneys: Father’s Day Will Be Extra Special This Year


Bloomington, Indiana — June 5, 2017 — June is a month full of family and fun, especially on the third weekend when families gather to celebrate dads. Father’s Day has become a very special holiday for the Hummel family of North Aurora, Illinois. They experienced a miracle when their son, Calvin, received a kidney and a second chance at life from his daddy.

Calvin Hummel was born to first-time parents Garrett and Heidi in March 2014. Garrett and Heidi were so excited to welcome their baby boy home and they quickly decided adorable Calvin was the center of their family’s universe. He was a happy baby whose smile lit up every room.

However, in late January 2015, Garrett and Heidi became very worried when Calvin just did not seem to be his happy self. He had recently caught the flu so his parents took him to a nearby emergency room because they feared he had become dehydrated. After running a urinalysis and some blood work, the local hospital medical team told them Calvin was not dehydrated … he was in kidney failure. Garrett and Heidi were stunned, but were willing to do whatever it took to seek additional testing to figure out the ‘next steps’ with their sick baby. The local hospital referred the family to Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago to meet with the city’s top pediatric nephrologists. Continue reading

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