Boy saves strangers through organ donation

9 NEWS | Jacob Long

At the young age of 9, Caleb Lee of south St. Louis County already had an impressive reputation for helping those around him.

“At this school, he was nominated two years in a row for Falcon of the Month. It’s a reward for helping people when no one is looking,” said Caleb’s father, Dennis Lee.

So when it came to the end of Caleb’s young life in early May, 10 days after a horrific car crash, his parents had no doubts about one of the difficult decisions facing them.

Lee said, “He almost made the decision for us because we know that’s just the kind of kid he was.”

They decided to make Caleb an organ donor. Though, they didn’t know at the time who he might help.

“Up until that point, we just knew they were going to donate as much as he was eligible for,” Lee said. Continue reading


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