Oregon 'dropped head syndrome' patient receives liver transplant

KGW | Chris Willis

A couple months ago, Oregonian Vicki Hope was preparing for the horrible reality that she would likely die in a matter of days.

The 57-year old was suffering from extreme liver failure and had been kept off the liver transplant list because of a rare spinal condition called “dropped head syndrome.”

Even her doctors admit, Hope didn’t have much time left. Because of dropped head syndrome, her chin was stuck to her chest, 24 hours a day, for several months. And because of that, liver transplant surgery to save her life was impossible. Anesthesia could not be administered with her head in that position.

And then, a team of doctors at OHSU took over.

“I said if it doesn't happen pretty quick, I don't think I'm going to make it,” Hope said.

She's an example of just how precious life can be. And she’s tenacious and tough because she’s had to be. She’s been through the ringer.

“I didn't really think of it like that, I was just like, 'OK, this is the next step. I'm going to do this. I'm going to make it through. I'm too feisty for it not to work, and I'm determined.'” Continue reading

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