The gift of life to be honoured at service

LIFE-SAVERS REMEMBERED: Acting nurse unit manager ICU Chris Jennings and Hervey Bay Hospital donation specialist nurse coordinator Ian Rogers will host the DonateLife Service of Remembrance in Hervey Bay and will provide an opportunity for Alistair Brightman
IT IS difficult to imagine something positive emerging from the absolute tragedy of the losing a loved one.

However, Hervey Bay Hospital donation specialist nurse coordinator Ian Rogers, said the families of someone who has been part of an organ and tissue donation and transplant journey can find some solace in the fact that their loved ones have saved another life through donation.

The annual DonateLife Service of Remembrance will be held in Hervey Bay this Saturday and Mr Rogers said the event will provide an opportunity for acknowledgement and gratitude towards donors and their families, as well as a chance for those touched by organ and tissue donation to meet with others whose lives have been changed by this experience.

"The service is for anyone or any family or friends who have been part of organ donation or part of a donor family - so someone in their family has passed away and donated their organs at the time of their death," Mr Rogers said.

"Or it can be a recipient family - a member of that family that has received an organ whether it's a heart, lung, kidney or liver. Continue reading

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