Thousands wait for donated organs


When she was 20 years old, Cammi Jackson’s life changed forever.

“My body started swelling — my eyelids, feet and stomach. I went to the emergency room and they ran tests, and there was protein in my urine.” Doctors sent her home with a prescription for water pills. Two weeks later, she was back in the ER. This time, she learned she was expecting a child.

What should have been an exciting time soon soured when she miscarried eight weeks into her pregnancy. Her kidneys then began to fail.

“They put me on Prednisone,” she said, referring to the synthetic corticosteroid used to treat a variety of autoimmune diseases. “It wasn’t working so (five months later) they began emergency dialysis.” The process involved having a catheter inserted into her chest during a two-week hospital stay before being moved to a permanent dialysis clinic. She has been having the procedure regularly since.

“I was actually at the hospital with her when they said it,” said Denise Jackson-Dowdy, Jackson’s mother. “It must have been apparent to them that it didn’t register to us, because after they said it, they left the room and gave us time to process. Due to being ignorant of the disease itself, it didn’t affect me immediately. Once I studied up, it became easier to accept.” Jackson-Dowdy recalled then that her daughter’s grandfather had kidney disease and was on dialysis for 27 years before passing away. Continue reading

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