Transplant recipients meet anonymous donors

KEYV | Sarah Fili

Nebraska Medicine had a medical milestone Thursday, bringing together eighteen kidney donors and recipients. Nine people from nine different walks of life, brought together by an anonymous gift.

“It's incredible. I find it so hard to describe what it's like to receive this kind of gift, because no words you use seem accurate,” Amy Dorton, a kidney recipient said.

Nebraska Medicine completed the state’s largest donor chain ever. The patients all met face to face for the first time Thursday.

“Basically, I was dying. And this woman, who's incredibly generous, put her life at risk, because she has to go through general surgery, to save somebody she never knew,” Dr. Dennis Malfese, a kidney recipient, said.

Malfese turned patient after his diagnosis of kidney failure. He was given months to live. Then, his donor Sue Venteicher started the chain.

"I feel incredibly honored, incredibly honored, having a hard time keeping a straight face,” Malfese said. Continue reading

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