'His soul is still there': Heartbroken parents take comfort after son's organs help up to 20 people

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Michael Langstaff died on January 22 :: His kidneys, liver, eyes and other organs have been given to those in need

Michael Langstaff
Up to 20 people have been given a new chance at life thanks one brave man’s choice to become an organ donor.

Michael Langstaff suffered a cardiac arrest after taking drugs on January 22.

Despite desperate attempts by his father, Paul, and paramedics to save him, he died two days later in hospital.

The 32-year-old never regained consciousness and was declared brain dead on January 24.

But, unbeknown to his parents, when he had taken out a provisional driving licence as a teenager, Michael agreed to be an organ donor.

Heartbroken Paul and Lyn Langstaff take comfort in their son’s selfless decision.

Lyn said: “When he was in ICU they said they had noticed he was on the donor list.

“They were quite pushy but I know why now - because they needed to get things done.

“They tried to get his heart going but he never came round.

“He has now given so much life to so many people.

“I had a moment thinking there was not much left of him, but his soul is still there.” Continue reading

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