My Son Wrote A Note To The Anonymous Organ Donor Who Saved His Father's Life

"I've included this excerpt from my son's letter with his permission, because he wants everyone to know that 'kidney transplants are like a miracle I didn't think would ever happen'."
"Thank you for your family member who has sadly passed away and donated their kidney to my father. I was really nervous to see him after the operation but I was surprised to see him looking really well. Dad is very happy he is not doing dialysis every day anymore. I think he might live longer now. We would like to meet you one day if you have time. So thank you very much and hopefully we can meet you soon."
This is a note that was written by a very relieved 10-year-old child, to the family of the anonymous donor who last week saved his father's life.

How do I know this? Because that 10-year-old is my son. And the recipient is my ex-husband.

Whilst I remain rather ambivalent about the situation (joking!), my son has been waiting for this for a long time. He's been forced to watch his dad suffer a slow but significant deterioration for years, and it's been a cacophony of emotions for him -- and for me, to witness my young child endure it.

My ex is an eternal optimist about his health, which is great, but it's meant that it's been largely left to me to explain the realities to my son. How kidney-matching works. How people need to agree to making a donation. What to expect to see on the first post-op visit; the tubes, the hospital gown and gloves he needs to wear so he doesn't make his dad ill. Continue reading

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