Organ donor gives life years after death

WLVT | Justin Kase

Two days after Lucas died from a car accident, his heart gave new life.

"I've been at rock bottom and because of him, I'm here now," said Arian Sumner, a heart transplant recipient.

Sumner was diagnosed with a rare condition that causes pregnancy induced heart failure. A condition that caused her daughter to be stillborn and threatened Sumner's life.

"The doctor told me, he said, 'I'll give you three years without a transplant,'" Sumner said.

Lucas' family members celebrated his birthday last week by bringing gifts to his grave. His sister reflected on the man he was.

"We had a lady we had ran into," said Hannah Lucas. "She was broke down on the side of the road and my brother had stopped and changed her tire on the way to work."

Jacob Lucas' generosity is still felt to this day. His sister said his donations of bone marrow and tissue are still saving lives. Continue reading


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