Swiss researchers develop ‘squishy’ soft artificial heart that works just like a human heart

Image credit: Zurich Heart / ScienceDaily
A group of Swiss scientists developed a 3D printed soft artificial heart made out of silicon. The heart was developed by Nicholas Cohrs, a doctoral student part of a group led by Wendelin Stark, a professor of functional materials engineering at ETH Zurich. Their findings were published in the scientific journal Artificial Organs.
The soft heart works just like a regular heart, weighs 390 grams, has a volume of 679 cm3 and has a left and right ventricle separated by an additional chamber that inflates and deflates with air pressure, thus mimicking the pump action of the human organ.

The research team is part of the Zurich Heart project, a coalition of researchers from Zurich and Berlin that study the heart to improve existing blood pumps used for patients with heart failure.

Silicon artificial heart developed in Switzerland works very much like a human heart 

Current blood pumps have several disadvantages, as their mechanical parts are often susceptible to complications –such as producing infection, mechanical breakdowns, and development of blood clots- while the patient wearing them lacks a physiological pulse, which doctors believe poses some risks for the patient. Continue reading

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