Aussie dad gives young son miracle 'gift of life' after transplant surgery

The father and son have an undeniable bond. Source: 7 News
A devoted father has given his dying son a life-saving gift.

Trevor Booth has donated a kidney to his brave four-year-old Harry.

Eileen and Trevor Booth had waited three agonising years for a donor kidney with the support of the Very Special Kids organisation.

Young Harry doesn't know what it's like to go to sleep without being hooked up to a machine.

The brave little boy needs 12 hours of dialysis every night.

His condition was diagnosed before he was born with his parents told it might be easier to just let him go.

“We never had that mind set, we were never ever going to do that and he's been more determined than both of us combined. So his determination is more than ours,” Trevor told 7 News.

“You often get asked, ‘how do you deal with it?’ But you just do because you have to. It's not like you can say, ‘I'm not going to deal with this today.’ It doesn't work like that,” he continued. Continue reading 

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