This Woman Survived Two Heart Transplants And A Double Mastectomy—Here's How

WOMEN'S HEALTH | Jaime Hergenrader

They say that you can tell who your true friends really are based on the ones that show up for you in the middle of a crisis. And if anyone has put that theory to the test, it’s author Amy Silverstein. In her new book, My Glory Was I Had Such Friends, she tells her story of surviving a heart transplant, a double mastectomy after her breast cancer diagnosis, and another heart transplant when her first donor heart failed, and the role her friends played in getting her through those hardships.

The book highlights her female friendships, though its dedication is to her husband, who she focused on in her first book Sick Girl. "I want to mention here the vital presence and extraordinary role played by my husband, Scott, who was with me in this story every day in every way with infinite heart and mind," she writes. "Scott has been gracious to support my writing him into the background of this book when, in fact, the inimitable power of his love was front and center." Read on, be inspired, and then go call up your BFFs to tell 'em how much you love them. Continue reading

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