'I hate to feel helpless': Eston mum, 34, needs a donor to replace her last and weakening kidney

GAZETTE UK | James Cain

Sarah Eales wants to see her children grow up :: Her one remaining kidney is dangerously close to failing

An energetic mum who has lived with one diseased kidney all her life is now desperately looking for a donor so she can watch her children grow up.

Sarah Eales was born with kidney reflux disease which went undiagnosed until she was six years old.

Going untreated for so long, the scarring on one kidney was so severe there was no option but to remove it.

Thanks to careful monitoring in the years that followed, Sarah was able to live a normal life, get married, start a family, and begin training as a teaching assistant.

But now at the age of 34, Sarah’s one remaining kidney is dangerously close to failing and the mum-of-three is worried she won’t get to see her children grow up.

“I’ve been in kidney failure for about two and a half years now,” said Sarah.

“I’m at Stage 4 in terms of needing a transplant - once I’m on dialysis, that will be Stage 5. Continue reading


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