Running along Garrett’s Path to donor awareness

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Garrett Brockway’s untimely death united a community and continues to raise awareness of organ donation

It was only a few years ago that Jennifer White of Goddard of Kansas was forced to watch her son’s body waste away before her eyes.

“You could tell he was deteriorating. That year he was so sick, he didn’t even hit 5 feet tall, and weighed about 65 pounds. He was like a little skeleton in bed,” she said.

White’s son, 19-year-old Jeremy Buller, suffers from a rare disease that doesn’t let his body break down protein properly, and it kills about 70 percent of those who have it. His brain would swell, causing intense headaches and loss of appetite.

“They would give him morphine, and it would barely comfort him,” White said.

A little over four years ago, Buller underwent a liver transplant. His new liver once belonged to Garrett Brockway — a 10-year-old Notre Dame student who died in 2013 after being struck by a falling tree. Continue reading

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