LifeCenter Northwest saves more lives than ever before in 2017


For the sixth consecutive year, LifeCenter Northwest (LCNW) has achieved major milestones for both the number of organ donors and organs transplanted. As a direct result, more transplant recipients than ever before were given a second chance at life and more families found solace in their grief knowing their loved one left behind a legacy of giving and generosity.

Working in close collaboration with hospital partners and local transplant centers, LCNW successfully coordinated the recovery of life-saving organs from 246 generous donors last year – a 14 percent increase from 2016. These gifts gave 742 people a second chance at life through transplantation.

“This progress would not be possible without the kindness, hard work, and commitment of so many people,” said Kevin O’Connor, President & CEO of LifeCenter Northwest. “From the generous donors and their families, to the dedicated staff at LCNW, donor hospitals, transplant centers and many other partners across our large service area.” Continue reading

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