Marin Voice: Kidney donation enables a celebration of the gift of life

MARIN VOICE | Allen Miller

My daughter Heidi surprisingly was able to spend the Christmas holiday season with us! Quite apart from being one of the Miller kids, Heidi is one of the most remarkable women I have ever known. She’s the one highlighted recently in several Los Angeles-area newspapers because of her decision to donate an organ to a friend.

After a life filled with concern and compassion for others, Heidi recently went over the top by donating one of her kidneys to a friend who doctors said would otherwise have only a few months to live.

Her friend, Bruce Cook, was a patient at Cedars Sinai transplant center in Los Angeles. He had waited four years for an organ donation and both he and his doctors had pretty much given up hope of finding someone to part with a kidney.

Bruce had suffered for years through four-per-week dialysis sessions and had reached the limit on effective help from this procedure. As a last resort, friends sponsored a “help Bruce” informational gathering attended by more than 500 people.

Sadly, although much information was shared, no prospective donors came forward at the meeting. Continue reading

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