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Because of a heart defect, Eli Alexander has been in Norton Children’s Hospital since he was born less than 12 weeks ago.Submitted
ISSUE: Organ donation is lifesaving decision

OUR VIEW: Child’s suffering should inspire action

Eli Alexander’s story makes your heart hurt.

Born Nov. 6, he’s known nothing but hospitals in his short life. He was diagnosed with hypoplastic right heart syndrome, a congenital heart defect, and is awaiting a transplant at Norton Children’s Hospital.

As his heart grows weaker, the ailment is taking a toll on the rest of his tiny body. Kidneys, liver, lungs and even his brain now are at risk.

“His heart was using so much energy that it was taking away from other organs,” his mother Caitlyn Alexander said recently.

Concerns for this Elizabethtown family and Eli’s struggle are plentiful and profound. The community shares in a common hope that modern medicine will rescue Eli. Continue reading

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