Faces of Transplant: Transplanting our smallest and youngest patients

GOOD FOR UTAH | Surae Chinn

Part V of our series on pediatric transplants at Primary Children's Hospital

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, (News4Utah) -- As we wrap up our five-part series on the 'Faces of Transplant' we take a look at the youngest and smallest transplant patients.

Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City is the sole transplant center for children receiving organs in Utah.

Ten-year-old Isabel loves art, dance and going to school. Her seemingly normal, active life came to a sudden stop about a year ago.

"She was complaining about a stomach ache," said Sarah Guzman, mother.

Three months of agonizing hospital visits, misdiagnosis and a battery of tests, would come down to a rare liver disease. Isabel would need a replacement.

Isabel's diagnosis was complicated with having graves disease: an autoimmune condition.

"It was difficult. It was really really difficult," said Guzman.

"One of the biggest challenges is getting organs the appropriate size and a match for that child," Dr. Kyle Jensen, University of Utah School of Medicine, Primary Children's Hospital Hepatologist. Continue reading


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