Local man tells his life-saving story during National Donate Life Month


Currently, in the United States, more than 115,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant.

In an attempt to encourage others to become donors, the month of April has been designated National Donate Life Month. Mike Gallagher provides a special report on a local man that has turned three liver donations into a foundation to help others.

Slowly but surely, spring is on the way. As the calendar rolls from March to April, the thought that comes to mind is life. So, it's fitting that April would be the National Donate Life Month. You don't have to look far in our own community to find families who have received this amazing gift.

Tonight, we introduce you to the Danowski Family. Before the age of four, Eric Danowski was the recipient of three liver transplants. He says, "I... know as I'm getting older, the appreciation and the blessing that I am here today definitely sits more with me than it ever has".

Julie Danowski, Eric's Wife, says, "We have this conversation a lot about organ donation and how important it is... How many can be saved by one person being an organ donor." Continue reading


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