'Need Kidney': SA woman using message on her car in hopes of finding donor

KSAT | Adrian Garcia
‘I'm young, I want to live life, (and) explore the world,' woman says
SAN ANTONIO - Nadia Gutierrez was only 14 years old when she was diagnosed with “end-stage renal disease,” an ailment she said almost took her life away at a young age.

But after finding out her father was a 100 percent match, she was able to receive her first kidney transplant to save her life.

Four years later, however, Gutierrez’s body rejected the transplant when she turned 18.

“That day that they told me, I was having stomach pains and very horrible pains so I was hoping it wasn’t the kidneys,” Gutierrez told KSAT.com. “I just kept praying that it wasn’t but unfortunately it was.”

Gutierrez said shortly after her diagnosis, she fell into a state of depression and had to adjust her lifestyle once more.

“Ever since then, I’ve been on dialysis four years going on five years now,” Gutierrez told KSAT.com. “I do dialysis five times a week, two-and-a-half hours a day, and I also work full time.” Continue reading

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