Humboldt Broncos player's organ donation prompts call for stronger protocol around consent

Humboldt Broncos player Logan Boulet, 21, was from Lethbridge, Alta. Boulet had recently signed an organ donation card and was kept on life support while matches were found for his organs. He is expected to save the lives of at least six people. (SJHL)
Logan Boulet's family honoured the Humboldt Broncos player's wish to donate his organs following Friday's devastating Saskatchewan crash.

The 21-year-old — who registered to be a donor mere weeks ago — is expected to save six lives. His other organs will be donated to science, the family said.​ His organ donation has also prompted others to follow suit.

For Christine Milligan, that is reason alone to strengthen organ donation protocols.

She knows all too well what the Boulet family is going through. Her daughter Cassidey Ouellette died in a single-vehicle crash near Hastings, Ont., last August — just shy of her 20th birthday.

"When Cassidey got her licence at 16, she signed her organ donor card and she made it quite aware to us that she wanted to be an organ donor," Milligan told The Current'sAnna Maria Tremonti.

But following her daughter's death, she could've vetoed her daughter's wish to donate her organs, she said. Legal experts say even if someone in Canada registers to be an organ donor, their family can quash that request due to a disconnect between the law and policy Continue reading

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